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I have found that watching an exceptionally funny "spoof"-like movie makes everything else in life just seem more funny. Almost like my brain is in a more funny mindset. The cause was Airplane! and as a follow up, I'm thinking about putting in Spaceballs, because one spoof a night just isn't enough. "Funny. She doesn't look Druish." "What's the matter, Colonal Sanders? Chicken?"

In other news, I took a "geek test" that Lewis posted, and was relieved I didn't score any higher than I did. I got a 20.51282%, a rank of "geek". This came quite ironically after complaining earlier that I have a class in the geekiest building on campus...that being the Mathematics and Physics building. I felt the geekiness wash over me as I entered the building. But back to the quiz, I don't think Trivial Pursuit should be considered particularly geeky. True, the old 80's edition was kinda tricky. But...when in doubt: "Ronald Reagan". Oh, and there's nothing wrong with Scrabble either.

And day in review. Starting with last night.

- After watching "Desperate Housewives" (Bree's gay son rocks) and "Grey's Anatomy" (hopefully the year-in-review will attract more viewers so it will stay on for at least 3 more season), I watched some random television and movies. I switched between Legally Blonde and Remember the Titans for a while.

- Around 1:30am I realized that I didn't have to be up until about 3pm, so I put in Charade, an Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant film that was Hitchcock-esque, but less predictible. The great thing about Hitchcock is that whatever you think is going to happen will. If you think your husband is a murder and he starts acting odd...most he likely is and he'll try to kill you. Charade had a few more twists and turns, but it's not super suspenseful like today's movies.

- Then I slept for about 9 hours.

- This afternoon (when I woke up) I watched O Brother, Where Art Thou?. Very good. I enjoyed it. Though I feel there isn't that much to say about it. Good cast. Almost makes me want to read Homer. I also had the funny thought that Troy would have been a better movie if set in 1917.

- Then I napped. Because I'm a lazy bum.

- I had class tonight at 6pm, which wasn't terrible. It's American National Government, and my professor is a geek, but he seems nice enough. The awesomest thing about this class, though, is that it meets once a week (like all of my classes this semester) and it's on Monday. We all know that Monday's are the most often called-off classes. Like, next week is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day...and after that, my professor is going to be in Boston, so it's already been canceled. And today we only stayed for an hour to do very basic introductory stuff. So that's 3 weeks without class...out of 15. I've lost 20% of my class time.

- I came home and watched Airplane!

Tomorrow is my class with the cutie professor that I had last semester too. The one I talked about incesently after every Wednesday class. YUM!

Next on Triple Feature Monday: Pirates of the Caribbean. Because Jack. And Norrington. And subtext!

EDIT: Oh, I forgot. I balanced both of my checking accounts and they are in tip-top shape. Yay! Unfortunately I only have $37.21 in one, and $227.54 in the other. And about $2600 in credit card debts. Bugger.

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