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I'm back in Orlando and have unloaded my car of all the crap I had with me. Which was sizable. Because I was away from my apartment for 4 weeks. And three of those were spent in the frozen tundra of the north. So certain things had to be taken to prepare. Not to mention that I got groceries, so my pantry now has the sodium content of a salt mine. I'm going to die very young and I blame NaCl.

Anyway, I have not a lot to do. I have already unpacked everything. I will need to reorganize my DVDs (to put back the ones I took with me). and I will be starting the massive "put as many CDs as possible onto my iMac" binge. Then I might get around to watching a Netflix or two.

What I would ultimately like to do is go see a movie. The Regal down the street is playing 6 movies I want to see...and if I saw them all legally, that's $42. And I don't have $42. I could maybe see one, but how do I pick? While I'm in more of a Casanova mood right now, do I want to waste $7, when it could go to seeing Munich. So maybe a compromise with The Producers...lighter and funny, but quality. Fun with Dick and Jane can wait for DVD and at this point, I think I'm going to miss Syriana and Memoirs of a Geisha anyhow, so I suppose that's what I have Netflix for. Which reminds me, I just saw that Broken Flowers has been released on that should head to the top of my queue.

*sigh* The plight of a film major.

In other news, I think I need a nap.

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