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Did I say that I loath you? Did I say that I want you to leave it all behind...?

So this is uber random, but it's something that really annoys me.

My mother doesn't have voice mail on her home phone. This is annoying in itself because if I want to call and just leave her a message about something, I can't. I have to call her cell and risk having her actually answer. She does, however, have voice mail on her cell phone.

So I ask, "Mom, what if someone is calling about something important?"

"If it's important, they will call my cell."

Which is all fine and dandy, except that sometimes the people calling don't have your cell phone number...and they need to get in touch with you. Example, on Tuesday, she'll be getting a call telling her when the new entertainment center is being delivered on Wednesday. Her solution? Stay home all day on Tuesday and wait for the call.

Loser. But that's only half of my annoyance. My aunt Judy does the same thing...except that she has voice mail on her home phone and NOT her cell phone. The opposite of my mother's. If they are both going to be horribly illogical, can't they just be consistent with each other? I mean there are plenty of people and businesses out their that have either home OR cell numbers for both of these women, but one will have voice mail and the other not.

I shouldn't let it bother me, but it's just really stupid, in my opinion. My mom's reason for not setting up voice mail on the home phone? She doesn't want junk calls leaving messages. However, all of us smart people in the world know that a simple phone call to SBC will block all solicitor and junk phone calls.

The woman is absolutely batty.

In other news, I head back to Orlando tomorrow, earlier than I had thought. My mom and dad are going to visit my cousin Annette, who moved from North Orlando to a small speck of a town on the Atlantic coast (aka...hella far away, and in bumblefuck). It's a three plus hour drive for them (at least) but they decided to break it up by following me toward Orlando, we'll stop for lunch. That means I'll be leaving at they same time they do, and they are saying this alien-sounding time called "nye'n" as our departure. I will be getting up at "quarter to nye'n" which sounds dreadful indeed. In actuality, I'll be waking myself up at 8:30, otherwise we wouldn't be on the road until quarter after nine...which is offensive to my father's chronic punctuality.

So I'll be back in my apartment by 1pm. And I'll have 29 hours before my first class of the semester. I'm sure I'll find some way to occupy myself.

Until then, I'll be working on writing a bit more. Then sleeping, because I will be an angerball if I don't get at least 7 before being woken up at an ungodly hour (such is 8:30).

Farewell, my chicklets.

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