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I wrote! On the plane to Florida, I wrote a scene in a Pirates fic that I've been working on for a while. It's not great, but I did it...and thus the writer's block has been suspended for the time being.

So I'm back in Florida and I feel like I'm on vacation. I keep thinking about having to "fly back in a couple weeks" which I obviously won't be doing. I still don't feel like I belong here. Oh well. It's only been 4 months.

I am so broke, it's not funny. I just made my tuition payment and my student loan checking account is going to consist of about $40. Not enough for books. I will either have to put it on credit or take it out of my checking. I think I will definitely need a job to stay out of the poorhouse this semester.

On the upside, Bravo is quality programming. I've had my Project Runway of the evening (unfortunately I agree that Santino was the winner, but Marla was worse than Guadalupe. Lupe's design sucked, but Marla stole her design, which is unacceptable). And now, a rerun of Queer Eye where a Catholic, Italian girl and a Jewish boy surprise their families with a dinner party marriage. Girl's mom insists that kids be baptized, but Boy's mom refuses to allow that. There are going to be tears...I'm excited.

And done.

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