Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

My English Essay:

I have found it hard lately to think about anything but The World Trade Center crash. Like many Americans, I was devastated upon hearing that the United States was hit with terrorism that would kill thousands of people. However, soon after initial shock wore out, we saw something come over our bruised country. Unity. Community. People helping people. Self-less acts were everywhere from the streets of New York, and extending across the country to California. In the wake of an incident like this, we see people at their best, and coming together for a common good.

Thousands of people rushed to donate blood to help the hundreds of victims that needed it more than they. Impromptu religious services, as well as memorial services and candle-light vigils were held, allowing any of those grieving or feeling alone to come together. President Bush made Friday, September 14th a National Day of Prayer and Remembrance. Even other countries around the world have shown their support in our time of need. Britain arranged a special changing of the guard in front of Buckingham Palace, while playing "The Star-Spangled Banner". Switzerland observed a moment of silence in our honor, as did several others. Many countries have extended their thoughts, prayers, and support for however we decide to deal with the attacks. As the article by a Canadian journalist writing during Vietnam states, "the Americans [are] the most generous and possibly the least appreciated people on all the earth." He goes on to say how we are always the ones to extend a hand to those in need. Whether providing aide or money or assistance, we always put forth the effort without expecting anything in return.

In my opinion, I feel that this is why so many countries are grieving with us. Sure, some countries feel the hatred of terrorism attacks everyday. Some countries require you to fear when walking down the street. However, that sort of thing doesnt happen in the United States. We established a peaceful country for ourselves, though we try to help others less fortunate that we, wherever we can. Wherever we are needed, we are there. That is why this was so devastating. Not since Pearl Harbor have we been so disrespected, and as in that instance, there was nothing we did to provoke it, besides provide a free country for those willing to come.

Many people have come to talk about the United States as a country with a "war-time" economy. Even in the depths of a world war, we can survive, and even prosper. The same goes for our humanity. A tragedy only brings us closer together. It would take a lot more than destroying the World Trade Center and part of the Pentagon to destroy the heart of this country. We are strong. We are a super power. We can come back from this. We will come back from this, and we will be greater than ever. We as Americans will not allow ourselves to be torn apart by faceless cowards who have to resort to killing innocents to prove a point. We will stand together and come out standing tall. We have never lost a war, and we dont intend on starting with ignorant terrorists. Japan learned not to screw with the United States, and though they started with a hit below the belt, they were not the ones to win the fight.

I fear I may have gotten side tracked while showing that we come together as a country in times of need. That we dont accept defeat. That we help each other first and foremost, then go on to dealing with predators. That we are giving by nature, having dealt with our own battle for independence and struggle for civil unity. In any light, after we raise our flag high to the sky, and blow out our candle from the nation and world wide 7pm lighting last Friday, we will dust ourselves off and join together for the purpose of saving our free country. We will ensure that our children, and our childrens children will have a life of liberties and prosperity, and without fear that there will be a tomorrow.

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