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Frosted window panes, candles gleaming inside...

Christmas, or the lack there of.

This morning, my mom, dad, and sister watched my niece open gifts. We opened none. Which is to say, I opened was The Brothers Grimm DVD which I had purchased for myself and wrapped myself and anticipated opening so that Chris and I could watch. I have 6 other DVDs that I bought myself and wrapped myself and will be opening at the appropriate time.

Sometime around Tuesday-ish, my nephew will be coming, at which point we will gather to watch him open gifts from "Santa" and at this time I might open a couple of my own. I'm getting a Nintendo DS (because god forbid the kids have cooler stuff than me...and it's cheaper than a PSP) and mine is the red one that comes in a bundle with Mario Kart. His is the metalic teal that comes with Nintendogs. I'm thinking he might like the idea of swapping colors. I get the teal, he can have the red.

Then (finally), we have Christmas on Friday. It was supposed to be Saturday, but I fought for my right to paaaaartaay (thank you, Beastie Boys) for New Year's and so Friday it is. At that time, all 12 of my immediate family members will gather to open gifts for and from each other. And this will be Christmas. The kids and parents will get the most and us siblings (as part of a "drawing names") will have only a few.

I am finding that growing up is not so great. And lacking in the gift department is only one of the downfalls with which I have become disenchanted.

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