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Getting Better?

Tonight, when I was going out (actually before I had even said anything) my mother informed me that I couldn't use the car because she was going out shopping. My father made a comment about going out again and my lovely sister Chris mentioned that it was summer vacation, so it was the end of his complaint. Although mom didn't actually go shopping, I decided to get a ride anyway, and I think that might be better for them. In about a month, ma soeur Fayanne is getting a new car and I'll get her old one, so if they don't like me taking the car, it might be better.

Tonight, we started with dinner at Portillo's/Barnelli's in Vernon Hills. After, we stopped by Blockbuster and rented Excess Baggage which we watched at Lewis's new house. At 11, curfew people left, and he, Zoe and I watched the beginning of Almost Famous, one of the best movies of all time. Tomorrow, I'm planning on buying it and the Dogma Special Edition on DVD. I might get a CD too. I really want Guster, 3 Doors Down and Samantha Mumba. I don't know what I'll get though. I don't want to spend too much money. I also want Five for Fighting and Dexter Freebish (since I'm seeing Dexter Freebish in concert, I should buy that one, but what are mp3s for except to keep my appetite wet until I work up money for the actual CD?).

Can I tell you how much I love Jason Lee? He played Brodie in Mallrats and is in almost every Kevin Smith film (Azreal in Dogma) and he's also the lead singer of Stillwater in Almost Famous. (I don't remember his character name right now.) He's not overly hot, good looking yes, but not hot (definitely a nice ass), but he's just a really great actor and gets the coolest roles ever. He's totally awesome. I need the Dogma DVD so bad. I own it on video, but that's so passe.

Well, I'm going to go do some more movie searching on I need to know what to buy tomorrow. Hmmm...Best Buy or Target? I wonder which would be cheaper. I also need a light bulb. We have nothing between a 40 and 100 watt in the entire house, and mommy doesn't like me having a 100 watt bulb in my desk lamp, since it's supposed to only take a 60. Her fault for not having a better selection of bulbs. Hell, they are only about a quarter each. Oh well, night night for now!

*Adam's Song - Blink 182
*Barrel of a Gun - Guster
*You Don't Know What Love Is - Jessica Simpson (I swear, it's only one of two songs of hers I like. I'm not a fan.)
*Last Resort - Papa Roach
*Bloody Mary - Five for Fighting
*Forever December - Tabitha's Secret
*Gotta Tell You - Samantha Mumba
*Unravel - Weezer

(By the way, the LiveJournal spell check should really recognize DVD and CDs, it's really annoying that it doesn't.)

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