Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

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I have a massive headache. Ouch.

But the evening was a success. Dinner was yummy (as is usual at Olive Garden). 13 people were there, and laughs were had. After, we attempted bowling, but Hawthorn Lanes was filled with leagues. So we bustled down to Deerfield (dammit) only to find a 90 minute wait. Those who hadn't ditched out after dinner, split off from bowling. But Bridgette, Lewis, Jenny, and I went back to Jen's house where we watched Sorority Boys (I shamefully admit that I adore Barry Watson) and then Last Action Hero, because who doesn't love movies that poke fun at themselves. Thank you, John McTiernan.

And now, the headache is forcing me to get sleep. I should probably seek out Advil before I do...but that's so far away. Unconsciousness will numb the pain.


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