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Brokeback Mountain was good, but absolutely heartbreaking. Lovely and sad and I felt broken when I left. But I definitely recommend it. Even if you have to drive 43 miles, like my sister and I did.

That said, Heath Ledger is actually an extremely talented actor. It always takes me a while to get into his roles, because he is an actor and doesn't just play himself. But he ends up being fabulous. I found the same thing true when I saw The Brothers Grimm, in which he (in my opinion) out-acted Matt Damon.

Well, I was prepared to spend more time discussing the wonders of Heath, but I'm not very focused and I think I'll be heading to the Jewel with mi madre. I need shampoo that will help my hair. I might try the Pantene Winter Rescue that I saw on a billboard, if I can find it. Otherwise, anything for super dry hair. Winter is not kind.

Later tonight will be drinks at Chili's. Opa.

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