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"The droids have seized our flag. Metal scum..."

You'd think it would be far too early for Star Wars Battlefront II. But the children are playing...loudly.

In other news, my sister's cat, JC, is the coolest thing ever. He has those great cat instincts so if, say, you have your hand under the comforter of the bed and you start moving it around, he'll pounce and attack and there are nails and teeth. It was great fun while the rest of the house was still asleep.

Last night we had an impromptu family dinner (only 9 of us) which was fun. We went through a few bottles of wine and some Mike's Hard. My mother, sister, and I will most likely be heading to Woodman's...apparently a Wisconsin mecca for all things food and alcohol. Kenosha, here we come!

Also, I foresee today being rather lazy, and most likely including lunch at Arby's (there's a new one built in Antioch! There are now three sections of commercialism - Main Street, the area by the high school, and Rt. 173 by the new Wal-Mart. The last is where the Arby's is...right next to a new Culver's). lunch and possibly a movie. King Kong still needs to be seen. As does The Family Stone...because I love family comedies...they are a laugh a minute. Quite like my family. Oh man.

Alright. Waiting on breakfast. Need a shower. Much to do.

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