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I have seen the movie Love Actually probably 10 or 12 times...but Hugh Grant's monologue in the beginning still gives me the shivers everytime I hear it.

Also, Keira Knightly is "quite pretty" and I must make a LJ icon of her.


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Dec. 8th, 2005 06:19 pm (UTC)
That reminds me! I am so pissed off! I wanted to watch Love Actually the other night, so I dug out the DVD. THE BOX IS EMPTY!!!

What the fuck? Like the kids or Dad would want to watch that movie? Why is the box empty?
Dec. 8th, 2005 06:48 pm (UTC)
That is just wrong! Luckily, my copy will be coming home for Christmas, so we can watch it then.
Dec. 8th, 2005 07:16 pm (UTC)
Yippee! It just figures though doesn't it? I have wanted to watch that movie for weeks now and the one night I finally have the time, the disc has disappeared!

Silly little bastards kids.

OK, so the icon has nothing to do with Love Actually, but Kiera makes me think of pirates. And I don't have a Johnny Depp icon, though I should.
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