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So I'm slightly more relaxed than I was last night.

I'm now completely done with American History after an exhausting 2 hour exam, on which I wrote 5 pages, front and back. So that's two down...three to go.

I was able to do a lot of the quizzes I've been freaking out about. Unfortunately because I don't think I'd be able to get "Art: 21 Season Two" or Mishima in the next two days, I did those without seeing the movie and used internet resources for aid in answering questions. Definitely not a good idea, but whatever. I now only have two quizzes left...Pollack and Rivers and Tides, both of which should be coming from Netflix by tomorrow. I got Frida yesterday, so I was able to do that quiz, along with the ones we had watched in class (Unzipped, American Splendor, and Blow-Up).

To a certain extent, weight is lifted having completed those, but I won't know the grade on them until Friday at noon, and those 8 (the final is worth 2 quiz grades) count for half my final grade.

Tomorrow night I have my Film final. It's cumulative, but they all have been to this point. It shouldn't be too hard, but I'll have to review my notes. Don't want to get confused and think Jon Waters was the "godfather of the American Western" and John Ford was the "titan of trash." (For those of you non-film majors, that was hilarious.)

Then there's Thursday with Art History. Yuck, but it's much shorter this time. Only 500 years worth of art to memorize, and they fall into three categories...Ottonian (900-1000), Romanesque (1000-1200), and Gothic (1200-1400)...but it's mostly Romanesque.


So my weekend was fun. I spent time at my Mom's house from Thursday until Sunday, where I often visited my aunt's new yorkie puppy. On Sunday, we met up with my brother and sister-in-law at Disney where we hit up EPCOT, then later Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. The Christmas party rocked because it was a ticketed event, so there weren't an infinate number of people crowding the streets and a lot of the lines were much shorter than they usually are during peak travel times. Also there were places where they were giving out free cookies and hot cocoa. We hit up three different booths...because it was free. There was also a nice fireworks show at the end. We ended up leaving around 11...we were too tired to stay until midnight.

Mom and I were staying at Old Key West, a Disney Vacation Club resort. This's really fucking nice. They are "villas" and we were in a one bedroom, so my mom had a bedroom with a king-sized bed and her own TV. I was on a pull out couch in the living room/kitchen (yes, it had a full kitchen with full-sized refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher). We had a balcony that overlooked a small river on which boats would pass to and from Pleasure Island. There was a washer and dryer in unit and a jacuzzi tub. Seriously...this place was bigger and nicer than my apartment. They even had Fiestaware dishes and a blender. Now that's how to do a Disney resort.

Dave and Katie were at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, where if you have to be in a hotel room and not a's a sweet place to stay. Super African feel and the resort is surrounded by wildlife reserves, so that your room overlooks areas where giraffes, gizelles, some kind of boar, and cranes (as well as other things I couldn't identify) hang out and eat...from your hotel balcony. Dude, sign me up!

Monday, we went to the Animal Kingdom and saw a bunch of animals. Yay! There were a few big kitty cats I wanted to take home...mostly the lion who was sleeping on his back with his legs hanging in the air. Oh, and I want a tiger too...because they rock. Mom left around 2pm, and I stayed for lunch and was going to leave at 3pm, but it's so hard to come back here to a crappy aparment when I had been relaxing in style at a deluxe resort and watching giraffes. So I didn't leave there until 5pm. But it was good anyway. Oh, and at lunch, we were sitting at a table next to this chick who strikes up a conversation. We found out that she plays "Jane" in the Tarzan Rocks! show, so that was cool.

I really love the Disney magic. It's amazing.

So that was my weekend...I'll be heading back to Disney on Thursday after finals to meet up with Dave and Katie at EPCOT for Extra Magic Hours (hotel guests get an extended stay...a park is open 3 hours later than usual), and then on Friday, I'll be driving them over to my mom's house.

9 days until I fly home to Chicago.

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