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Just a quickie...

I got the absolute highest grade in my Stats class...a 98.8%. Rock.

But then I looked at all I have to do for my ART class, and I'm panicking slightly. 8 quizzes on 8 different movies. I've seen 3 of them. I have 1 from Netflix with 2 more coming (hopefully tomorrow). But that leaves of which is the Final and worth double...and it's all due by noon on Friday. I can't get the last two movies that quickly. I might have to go out and buy "Art:21 Seasons 1 and 2," on which the final is based, because it would suck if I didn't see it before taking the quiz. What really sucks though is that 300 students are looking for the same 3 copies of each Blockbuster will be a no-go.

I really want to take those three quizzes on the movies I've already seen to get them out of the way, but I only have about an hour left before I should be getting to bed.


* This message has been brought to you by the UCF finals week. Finals...just one more reason to throw yourself from a rooftop.

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