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I dragged my mother down to Port Richey (20 miles away) to see Pride & Prejudice (because it wasn't playing at the near-by Beacon).

Anyway, I am quite glad she enjoyed it, otherwise I would have had to disown her. She already didn't like Love Actually...which I still don't understand. And had she not liked this...oy man. British comedies and romances and romatic comedies are some of the best out there. Give me Notting Hill or Four Weddings and a Funeral over Pretty Woman any day of the week.

But alas, she enjoyed it. Probably not as much as I did...but still.

And now...I will try to increase my creative levels. I've been desperately seeking a muse lately. I've been paining myself to try and write something worthwhile, but the writer's block from which I am currently suffering is relentless.

Also, I will be in desperate need of a car this break. Mother says I will have to save my outings for evening when a car is available to me, which is all fine and good, but what if I don't want to come back home by morning? The lender of the car will need to use it the following morning for work. Unless it's a Friday or Saturday night, which is all well and good, except that those are limited. Zut alors!

In a final note, I made Christmas cookies tonight. It wasn't that exciting though, because it was the pre-made, pre-sliced, stick-on-the-tray, heat-for-10-minutes, and you're done type. But they are yummy.

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