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If I had the chance, love, I would not hesitate to tell you all the things I never said before...

Plan for the day:
- Watch Art Heist, a Netflix DVD that arrived yesterday
- Head to the Regal to see Pride and Prejudice and possibly hop into HPatGoF (I already paid to see it twice...third time is FREE!)
- Make it a triple feature and see Walk the Line?

You can call it lazy...I call it "research."

BWAHAHAHAHA! I love being a film major.

Oh, and a funny little story. So last Monday I ordered a Fiestaware sauceboat from for mi madre. I wanted her to get it for Thanksgiving, so I chose one-day shipping (and it was said to ship in 24 hours). It did indeed arrive on Tuesday...but my shipment confirmation came via email yesterday morning (7 days late). Methings is a little backed up. At least I got the gravy boat at the right time.

Christmas bells are ringing...

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