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Maybe I'm crazy to suppose, I'd ever be the one you chose...

In my family, the day after Thanksgiving officially begins Christmas. Maybe that's most families...but it meant that after my sister, niece, nephew, cousin, and Grandma flew back to Chicago, my mom and I decorated the house for the holiday. Much Christmas music was heard on the radio and it was really nice stringing lights outside when it's 80 degrees.

But that begins the holiday slumps. I have a lot on my mind right now, from New Year's to finals, Disney to coming home, and it all needs a bit of time to process. I have to accept the Disney program, but first I have to figure out who my "faculty contact" is through UCF. Then I need to decide if I should try to switch my flight...I might not have to be at Disney until February coming back to Florida on January 4th sounds like suck to me. Especially since I might not be back in the Chicagoland area until mid-August...or next December. And that puts stress on my time home and what to do and who to see and how do I live without my life? I might have to officially give up on my old life and call this Florida lifestyle it. But that scares me so much. I have a mother and a cat here. How can that be my life? Back "home" I have sisters and a brother, multiple cats, and a father. I have friends at home. Real friends. Here, I have my mother and my cat.

So right now I'm going to put myself to sleep for the night and start over tomorrow morning and work though my dilemmas and hammer out a to-do list which will include returning Caitlin's phone call, getting a new over-21 Driver's License, and finding a doctor down here/set up an appointment with my doctor back, of course, all the aforementioned tasks.

Life doesn't take a holiday.

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