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My mother and I just played 5 rounds of Scene It? TV edition. It was fun. I won 4 of the 5 games, but Mama held her own, and we both struggled a lot (there are some HARD questions).

That's one thing that I've inherited from my mother that I enjoy...I have an insane love of games. Board games, mind games, computer games, word games...anything. She likes crossword puzzles and cards and told me tonight she wants to get a set of Mah-Jong tiles.

I used to make my friends play games with me all the time. Trivial Pursuit, Disney trivia, even back with Dream Phone, Mall Madness, and Monopoly.

Damn, I love games.

Chris - look forward to some MUCHO game time while you're here. Mom bought Yatzhee and Swap, and I have 4 Scene It?s (Disney, TV, Original/Deluxe, and Harry Potter). Fun times will be had. I am a big proponent of Family Game Night.

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