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If you haven't seen it, you COULD read on, but I wouldn't suggest it. In other words...there are spoilers. Duh.

I would like to start by saying that the management team at the Waterford Lakes Regal SUCKS ASS. I arrive. Good. I park...really far away. Yuck. Get my tickets from Fandango machine. Very easy. Ticket gets ripped. Man says "Theater 10 to your left. Enjoy the show." Theater 10 is straight ahead. The doors are unlocked, people are walking in. There is no bar or gate to keep people out. I get a fabulous seat, nice and high, but not too high. Near the center. There are easily 40 other people in there. The Twenty starts. Good sign a movie will begin in 20 minutes.

Then an employee comes in. Says something about lines and we aren't supposed to be here. He says that the usher taking tickets instructed us to get in line. (If you have been reading, mine definitely DID NOT mention a line.) People get riled. Words are hurled. We stage a sit-in and no one moves. The turn off the sound on The Twenty (nice and passive approach).

I think, to be fair, I should mention that I saw a line forming outside Theater 9 (the one next door) and one of those black rope-ish things blocking the entrance. I didn't think much of it, except that my theater was open already. The movie was playing on 10 screens, to get everyone in I assumed they would open doors around the 20-minute mark, which is when I arrived in my seat.

Then two guys come in, one very large and bulky explaining that we had blatantly ignored the line and that there were customers outside who had been waiting for hours (and oh...we had people in there who had been waiting for hours too. Since 6pm...fucking nuts). He said we would be put in a separate line and made it sound as though we may be put in a less crowded theater. So we are disgruntled and I heard the phrase "fuck you" more times than I have in the past year, but we leave and stand in this "separate line." Little did we know, we would not be taken to a different theatre, nor would we be let in when everyone else was. We were let in last. They were punishing us. I was sitting in the fucking second row, on a side. I was so pissed, I was almost in tears. If I knew what to say, I would have complained, but I still don't really know. I did absolutely nothing wrong. I didn't bypass some sort of blocking device. I didn't purposely sneak past a long line of people. I did NOTHING except enter a theater. But because of those fucking words on the back of the movie ticket: "Management also reserves the right to designate where the holder of this ticket shall be seated" there is no legal action I could take. What I wouldn't give to be pre-law though. I'm sure this was against my rights as a moviegoer in some way.

It was appalling. And is still making my stomach turn. I feel like I'm going to be ill because of the gross misconduct of the management.

Also, the previews began at 12:20, which reinforced my point that had they begun letting people in 20 minutes early instead of at midnight, the movie would have begun on time.


That said: The movie.

I liked it. It took a bit of time to get past the utter misrepresentation of the book, but after one grasps the concept of film as a separate art, it was really quite good. I have to further examine the pacing (a large problem with book-to-film adaptations), but I was left with a good impression.

- The lack of house elves was effective. I was saddened by it, but a little adjustment to the story worked wonders. (Excluded scenes important in advancing the plot include: the Forest at the Quidditch World Cup with Winky, SPEW, and Dobby giving Harry the gillyweed)

- I did not approve, however, of the Weasley's not sitting in the box with the Ministry officials and the Malfoy's. I think that's an important juxtaposition of the good and bad wizards who influence the Ministry. This is loosely connected to the lack of House Elves because of Winky's presence in the box to "save Crouch's seat" in the book.

- I highly approve of the addition of the dance lesson scene, just because of pure hilarity of it. Also, the scene where Snape kept turning their heads in what I'll assume was Potions, despite the lack of dungeon classroom.

- Jury is still out on the revised Barty Crouch story line. I thought Sr. was excellent and I enjoyed him greatly, and the lack of "The Madness of Barty Crouch" (as the chapter is entitled) was fine, except that it was replaced by Jr/Moody's tongue thing, which made for Harry to become suspicious of Moody (that shouldn't have happened until much later, after the maze). Perhaps if Harry had not been present for the Moody/Crouch Sr. exchange after the 2nd Challenge, it would have been more acceptable. The audience and Barty Sr. would know, but Harry would still be in the dark. Also Jr. in the Pensieve was a douche and uncaring. The audience is supposed to feel for him at this point and sympathize with Barty Sr. for having to send his own son to Azkaban. Then later you find out he was a douche and killed his own father and the audience can hate him then, and further sympathize with Barty Sr. for having been so tormented by the ordeal only to have his son take it all for granted.

- WHERE ARE THE WEASLEY'S? Fred and George are uber hot and uber funny, but where's Charlie, who comes with the dragons? And Bill??? He's supposed to be uber UBER hot and rebellious and comes with Mrs. Weasley as Harry's "family" for the Tri-Wizard publicity. I want more WEASLEY'S!!!!

Other notes:
- Fred and George MADE this movie. By far the best parts belong to them.
- Neville + watching Crucius cruse = heartbreaking. I was on the verge of hysterical sobs.
- Harry and Ron were like TWO GIRLS with all their argument. I was present in the book, and funny then, but at least 12 times more-so in the film. Fabulous.
- Ralph Fiennes was excellent and I'm ashamed that I doubted him.
- Miranda Richardson was excellent, but should have been MUCH more prevalent.
- I didn't feel bad when Cedric died...I was not attached to his character.

I'm sure there is more, but it's almost 4am, and I'm tired. Tomorrow, I head to mother's for the weekend, then back to school for two and a half days before going back again for Thanksgiving. *grumble*

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