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She'll tell you she's an orphan, after you meet her family...

Last night at dinner, my mother gave me $20. This can fund the following combination:

- One morning trip to Starbucks (grande coffee and a muffin)
- My weekly Wednesday Chipotle dinner
- A movie at the Regal (or more than one if I hop)

I'm cashing in on the Starbucks this morning...'cause I like coffee and I don't want to wait until Thursday. I don't "wait" well. Perhaps you've noticed with the number of times I updated about the whereabouts of my new computer...

As a final note, it's kinda hard getting used to a big computer with a full keyboard and mouse after using my uber-tiny laptop. On that I don't have to move my arms, my wrists and fingers can find everything from that one position. I can get to the keys and tracking pad, and that's all I ever needed. I've even gotten really good at using shortcut keys. In fact, I use them for everything. Control, option, and command are my favorite keys. My arms are certainly getting a workout now.

When I get back from classes, I'm going to install The Sims 2, which should run like a dream. Hee hee!

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