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I wrote a letter, she should have got it yesterday...

There's a funny thing about cable...the more channels you have, the less diverse your viewing. I think this is supported by the number of stations that run the same programming. Law and Order is constantly on, if not on NBC, than on TNT. Seinfeld is syndicated on at least 2 stations, as is Friends, CSI, and Everybody Loves Raymond. Sex and the City replays on at least 3.

With all the choices out there, we flock to the shows we are used to and that we have often already seen. I watch reruns of Friends, Will & Grace, and M*A*S*H...and many are new to me, but there are a great deal that I have already seen.

Even with digital cable and TiVo, I rarely take a chance with a new show, or even a movie. I find myself watching things that I already have seen, or even OWN. I watch reruns of CSI all the time...but I own all 4 seasons on DVD. Why?

With my recent discovery of HBO, I have attempted to break my shell. Though it started with Empire Records (a movie I have seen a dozen times, and own) and tonight Sideways (ibis), after Sideways came Spanglish, a movie I had never seen, and though I was mildly interested, I thought they would fuck up a good idea with a bad plot. Overall, I didn't think it was too bad. I even liked it. Adam Sandler isn't a great actor by any means, but he is usually a man of few words which gives him a certain honesty that is very appealing and relatable. I like that it didn't have a so-called "happy" ending, and I especially like that the mom (Tea Leoni) was nuts and the root of the problems of both the daughter and the husband. It made my cynical side happy. And at the same time, my "I love fairy tales, butterflies and unicorns" side was sated with the more-than-friendship relationship between Adam Sandler and the housekeeper. Nice mix.

So, I'm expanding my horizons by not watching something I have already seen a billion times (though that doesn't mean I will stop watching Law & Order, CSI, or Friends) but I will try to cut back.

Final note, my computer is still amazing. Rrowr!

[LiveJournal's spell-checker doesn't think "relatable" is a word. I believe it I correct?]

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