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Gail is not going to be getting her computer today.

Because her mother was out for a walk during the 45 minutes it was delivered.

My mother is unemployed...I mean "retired"...which means she does NOTHING during the day except shop, watch TV, play spider solitaire, and take a 45 minute walk.

And she had to do that during the time my computer was brought to her door...and then taken back to the truck to be redelivered tomorrow.


I'm taking a nap.

[Edit: I napped for 4 hours (whoa) but that's not the reason for edit. Apparently the FedEx truck came back (am I the only one who knows that this NEVER happens? I blame Florida and it's weirdness) and so my computer has, in fact, been delivered and is, in fact, in my mother's possession in Spring Hill. I'm waiting to see if she'll meet me for dinner "halfway" in Clermont.

You may say I overreacted, but as I told my sister in a comment, I emailed her this morning saying that the package was on a truck and would be delivered today. I didn't expect her to wait around for a week, just the morning...4 hours maximum. She spends most of her day at home anyhow, it's not a big stretch for her. She had already gone grocery shopping that morning (shopping, one of two reasons she leaves the house) so it seemed a pretty good bet that she would be home for the delivery.

I probably did overreact, but this is the largest purchase I have ever made. EVER. I have spent money on extravagant things, but even a plane ticket to Paris was under $600 (the second most expensive thing I have ever purchased). I've bought iPods and TiVos and TVs and DVDs up the yin-yang, but those top off around $450. This is huge.

So I'm hoping to still get my computer today. Maybe I deserve to be punished and wait a while, but I'm punishing myself. Here's hoping I get a free dinner tonight!]

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