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Take your records, take your freedom, take your memories, I don't need 'em...

I just got back from seeing Jarhead. I'm still thinking about it, so the jury will be out for a couple days before I can fully grasp how I felt about it. First impressions were good. Jake Gyllenhaal rocked, and I wish Peter Sarsgaard would have been in more of it [insert witty joke about both having the double "aa" in their names]. Though I must say, I wish those two could have had a hot make-out scene. But that's my overly-sensitive gay-porn addiction. Brokeback Mountain needs to come out NOW!

But back to Peter Sarsgaard...he is like the "go-to" supporting actor. Seriously, last year? Garden State and Kinsey. This year he had Flightplan and Jarhead. Crazy nuts. And then there's Chris Cooper who has been in every amazing movie ever, most notably American Beauty and Adaptation. That's an exaggeration, but go to his IMDb profile [] and see how many of the films you know. I have 14 out of the top 20. And that's including three upcoming films that aren't even in production. So 14 of 17 is some damn good odds. He is quite amazing.

Well, there's still a lot of the list left, but that's two more down. This Friday has Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and Derailed to which I can look forward, assuming they'll be playing here. Slowly but surely, eh? I might try to see Prime sometime this week. Because I like Uma. I might plan on hopping to Flightplan while I'm there...because frankly. I've already spent enough money at the Regal this week. I deserve a free flick.

See what Care Bear you are.

Now, I need food.

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