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I just ate quite possibly the most unhealthy "breakfast" ever. Left-over chinese food (mmm...fried rice...) followed by tiramisu gelato. So fattening...but tasty.

Yahoo page builder is not seeming to work. Whore, I want to update my webpage. Grrr... Evil yahoo/geocities. It's a conspiracy!

I've been cruising around band's websites this morning. Sister Hazel, Dexter Freebish and Single. Really wish I was over 18 so I could've seen Sister Hazel at House of Blues in Chicago last May (stupid over 18 show). Really wish DF's drummer hadn't slipped a disk so I could've seen them Wednesday, August 22nd, when they were supposed to perform at the House of Blues (yay all ages show).

Just noticed that I seem to have immense problems with House of Blues shows. Sister Hazel - too young. Dexter - drummer in hospital. Five For Fighting - postponed. Weird...

Well, I have nothing new to say, so I shall leave now.

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