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Don't know why Tori came by, but I could tell by the look in her eye...

So I had this as my away message, but I think it's funny enough to post here.

Yesterday I was working in Safari when I wanted to find something on a long page of text and went to open the "find" command. However, I hit command + t (which opens a new tab), instead of the correct "command + f" because I was thinking in French, and in French the word for "find" is "trouver." Hence the command + t.

Oy. I haven't spoken French since I got back from Europe on June 12th, and yet I think in French at least once each day. I guess that's a step toward fluency. Also, this made me wish I could take a French class here, but the fuckers at the University of Central Florida won't let you take a high level French class unless you are a French major. The same holds true for any subject. I can't take high level history, math, science, english, theatre, etc unless I major (or minor) in them. Therefore, aside from gen eds, my schedule will always consist of Film and Art History courses. Which is fine by me, of course, but I miss French. And I like History. And all the gen ed classes are for idiots, I am convinced. In a similar note: I got a 99.2% on my US History paper that I thought deserved a mid-range B...maybe 84%. Apparently the rest of my class sucks ass hard core.

And finally. It's Thursday. And I am done with classes. My sisters fly into Orlando in 21 hours and I am uber excited for my birthday weekend. I now must spend 21 hours preparing by primping. I must look fabulous this weekend. It is my weekend. (And Emily's too...her birthday is on Monday. But she turns 27 which is nowhere near as cool as 21. And I guess it's Chris's weekend too, because she never got to celebrate her 21st birthday and she gets a weekend trip without kids = rare. So we can all celebrate and have fun!!!)

Oh, and as a note. I rock. That is all. Gail rocks. You all know it, and so do I. So I'm saying it. I rock. Go me.

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