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So the first person who noticed I dyed my hair was the cashier at Chipotle. Methinks I go there too much. Once a week isn't awful, right?

In other news, I got to watch the last bit of "Freddie" again tonight. So not a good show, but I'm still waiting for hot gay sex between Brian Austin Green and Freddie Prinze Jr. And it's so never going to happen. Dammit.

I am currently watching "Criminal Minds," which I have never seen before. As sad as it is, I adore Thomas Gibson. I've been watching reruns of "Dharma and Greg" and it makes me happy. And who doesn't love Mandy Patinkin? "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

My student loan company is dumb. Assholes.

My film class the night before Thanksgiving has been cancelled. And I have a slight thing for my professor. He's yummy. And a Jew. *drool*

3 more classes until my weekend. 39 hours until my sisters arrive!!! Yay.

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