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It's my ex-brother-in-law's birthday. That doesn't really mean anything, but I saw the date and it reminded me. My mom sent him a card last week.

I have used two bottles of hair-dye and it is now soaking in. I'll give it 45 minutes. Though technically it's been about 45 minutes since I started. So some parts will have a full hour and a half. But that's alright, because I had some super chunky blond patches that I'm hoping will be gone when I rinse. I can do blond, but not bottle blond. I need a professional to color and highlight. So I'm going back to old reliable Tropic Burgundy...my color for over a year. It's a good one. Nice and dark and purple-ish auburn and unusual. Perfect.

So I'm making myself some lunch...chicken rice = yum.

Hmmm...I have just received an "unknown call." I don't answer those. Maybe they'll leave a message. Voice mail is kinda like having a personal secretary. I like it.

Anyway. Lunch, then maybe watching some TV while I rinse my hair, then condition it, and let it air dry a bit before taking the blow dryer to it. Then...

AH! I'm such a tool! The call was Zoe from Florence. Bugger. I love you, I miss you, and I'll never not answer an unknown call again!!!

Alright...so. Since I'm winning the ADD award today, I'm going to go. Y'all don't really care about what I'm doing while my hair sets anyway.


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Nov. 2nd, 2005 08:30 pm (UTC)
Hey honey. I'm at an internet café and was checking out my Friends thing, and there it was. You are a little bit of a tool, and you weren't there when I IMed you a minute ago, but I am glad that you got the message! I love you and miss you too! I hope your hair turns out cool... And today I was talking you up to this guy I'm traveling with, Justin, who's cool. I don't really think he's your type and plus he's in Lux in the spring and he obviously lives in Ohio, but still, I was chatting you up and it was fun, which came about because I was telling a story that involved you and he was like, Huh, she sounds cool. So booyah to you. Mwah, ciao bella!!!
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