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I posted this list before, and thought I'd update it.

Films I've seen (from the list):
- Elizabethtown
- In Her Shoes

Films I've seen that weren't on the list:
- Good Night, and Good Luck
- The Weather Man

Remaining list:
Limited releases (missed):
- Broken Flowers
- The Aristocrats
- Asylum
- Shopgirl
- Proof

Wide releases (current, but close to being pulled):
- Flightplan
- Prime

Future releases:
- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (11/11)
- Pride and Prejudice (11/23)
- Rent (11/23)
- Brokeback Mountain (12/9)
- King Kong (12/14)
- The Thing About My Folks (limited release)
- The Baxter (no public screening release)

- Chicken Little (11/4)
- Jarhead (11/4)
- Derailed (11/11)
- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (11/18)
- Walk the Line (11/18)
- Syriana (11/25)
- Casanova (11/30)
- Rumor Has It (12/25)

Holiday season is starting!!!! There goes any money I thought I might have left.

And finally...Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams became parents when Michelle gave birth to daughter, Matilda. The couple is engaged. Yay for babies.

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