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So I have some questions about Vietnam, communism, and other related issues.

First, why are we so anti-communist? When the North Vietnamese didn't want us there, and the South Vietnamese didn't want us there, why didn't we leave and allow them to be communist?

Second, should Castro be considered a communist president? I was thinking it was more a totalitarianist state, and therefore he'd be a dictator. He turns 80 next year...I don't think anyone predicted he'd live this long. Though really, when's the last time you saw footage of Castro? He might be dead and it's a huge Cuban conspiracy.

Did you know Castro was born a catholic? Roman Catholic, no less. He was excommunicated by Pope John XXIII. And the catholic church denounces communism. Not only that, but Catholics are told not to support communism. I knew none of this, so I thought I'd share.

China scares me, but I think I would still be scared even if they weren't communist. Same with North Korea, which, like Cuba, I have my doubts about whether it is actually communist or totalitarian dictatorship. I guess being "for the equality of all people" sounds better than "wanting to crush the everyman and rule absolutely." Though I guess there's that whole "must take total charge in a socialist state before communism can be achieved" thing.

I think it might be nice to see a real communist state someday. And if this was 1953, I would not have written that. Nobody likes a Pinko.

Well, I'm sure I have more questions, but I should get back to watching my PBS documentary on Vietnam. Rock.

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