Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

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Things that are annoying...

- I have not showered in over a day and my hair looks the best it has in over a week. That's just not fair.

- I spend the last earthly dollar I had in my possession today on a Diet Coke...but the machine at my dollar and refused to give me my Diet Coke. Karma hates me.

- I bought a second pack of Scantrons today (a pack of 6 - Raspberry: $1.65) and I realize that I have 7 tests left on which I will need to use a Scantron. It's like how packs of hot dogs and hot dog buns never come in the same amounts.

- Yesterday, I received Disc 2 of a 4 disc series from Netflix. I assumed today I would get discs 1 and 3...but no. I got neither. I can't start watching a documentary about Vietnam and start on disc 2. It just doesn't work like that.

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