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First off, the Wheel of Fortune puzzle "Red-and-White-Striped Beach Towel" is extraordinarily random and has many hyphens. Whoa.


Oh my god.

So I'm nuts.

But very, very excited.

Because I have just purchased a computer.


17" iMac, 1.9GHz processor, 1.5GB memory, 500GB hard drive.




It's on credit card. I will pay it off slowly.

I have decided that for a job, I don't currently have time for one now (more like I'd feel like an ass having to take off time for my birthday week, Thanksgiving AND 4 weeks for Winter, so I'm thinking come January I'm going to start the hunt back up with a vengeance. I will whore myself out to corporate America and they will LOVE IT!

The upside is that you can shop at Apple through Upromise, so I'll have $19.55 added to my account. Pretty slick.

I feel like I need a cigarette after a really good shag. *is content*

Oh, and by the way, after getting just 3 R's, I was able to solve the puzzle, "Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie as Mr. & Mrs. Smith." Cause I rock.

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