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There's something happening here...what it is ain't exactly clear...

Decided to visit the Apple Store this morning to play with new iMacs and iPods.

They aren't in yet.



So no Apple fun for Gail. They should be in "within the week, probably by Friday." Well, bugger. I could order one and have it by then. No, not really...but close. Cruel, that's what they are.

On the upside, I also visited Yankee Candle to buy a wax warmer (or Tart Warmers) as they call them, along with two "tarts". And of course, some unscented tealights. So now I have a Macintosh ( the computer!) tart burning in my room, and my "Love" (aka...lemon) aromatherapy candle in the bathroom.

Also, due to the disappointment in Apple-ness and the fact that dinner last night was sub-par, I took myself to Olive Garden for lunch. Now, I know I complain a lot about money, and I made the conscious effort to be a hypocrite and waste $20 on yummy salad, ravioli, Diet Coke (with refill), 2 breadsticks, and 2 Andes mints. Plus, I have half my ravioli left over for dinner tonight. That's right...I can call myself on being a douche. But I'm well fed!

Finally, when I left my apartment this morning at around 10am, it was GORGEOUS outside. (Which means below 80 degrees and with a breeze). Of course, the sun has warmed it up to 86 degrees currently. I haven't felt temperatures in the 70's in Florida except when it's pouring rain. It was kinda nice. I miss Autumn. It's just hot. Still. In the middle of October. Yuck.

To add insult to injury, last month our electric bill was high and we all got charged $6 for overage use. So someone decided the best way to remedy this was to turn off the air conditioning. Completely. Even the fan that just ventilates air. Needless to say it hasn't been below 80 degrees in my bedroom over the past 2 weeks either. Last night I finally had had enough and put the fan on to at least circulate the air...which helps because now we have airflow...but it's still warm air. And it's still 84 degrees in my bedroom. Eww.

At William-Sonoma, they were baking some sort of pumpkin pancakes and it smelled fabulous! I smelled like Thanksgiving, and I wanted to curl up in a warm sweater and slippers and watch TV on the couch. Then I remember that it's HOT out.

Alright, that's enough complaining about the weather...for now.

Next on the agenda:
- Fuck around online
- Nap
- Write American History paper
- Watch my wax Tart melt (I love melting wax)

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