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Was it you who spoke the words that things will happen, but not to me...?

Want to know what really pisses me off?

Art theft.

Not quite so much as abusive husbands or pedophiles, but it's up there.

Art is something to be admired and loved by all. I also get annoyed at people who have a "private collection" of wonderful art that is tucked away in their homes and not shared with the world.

But the thieves really get me. Those asses steal works of genius...for money. Selfish, that's what it is.

But want to know what REALLY pisses me off?

Someone who would steal a Vermeer! There are only 35 known Vermeers in the world, dammit! That's 3% of our Vermeer collection gone in flash. At least with Picasso or Renoir...they made hundreds of paintings. Stealing one is like a drop in the bucket. But leave the Vermeer alone!!!!

Finally...I need to find a documentary on either a) art heists or the recovery of stolen art or b) auction houses (dealing in art specifically) and the value of art.

I'm doing a group project on "The Value of Art" which I think is a kickass theme (mostly because I thought of it) and I have a pretty solid list of films about art heists (Thomas Crown Affair, etc) but I have yet to find my documentary. While the second film example need not actually be a helps if both films aren't works of fiction.

The thing is...I have found several documentary films and TV shows exploring these concepts. Stolen (an indie documentary film about the search for the Gardner art...the largest art heist in history), "Art House: Playing the Game" (an Australian TV series about auction houses), The Picasso Ransom: Theft for Art's Sake (a current work-in-progress), Making a Killing (a documentary about the 50+ year search and recovery of art taken from a Jewish family during the Holocaust), 15 Minutes (an indie film about two guys who disguise themselves as Andy Warhol and Van Gogh and steal art from a museum to express outrage at the lack of local artists displayed there), and so many more, I can't even remember them all. But these have ALL been made in either 2004 or 2005 and are yet to be distributed and released on DVD (with the exception of Making a Killing which was made in 1998 and has never been distributed).

Bugger. I need facts!

[EDIT: I changed the icon on this one too. 'Cause it's new!]

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