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According to an email I received from TiVo:

Many manufacturers have halted production on VCRs forever! Also, 2006 will be the last year for VHS movie releases.

Interesting. Also, TiVo is offering a $150 mail-in rebate, instead of the usual $100 mail-in rebate, plus three months of free service if a TiVo box is purchased this weekend at Best Buy. Pretty sweet deal. $50 TiVo and three months free. $13/month after. Granted, most cable companies offer a somewhat better deal, but it requires a subscription to digital cable ($50+/mo) and then an addition $5/mo fee.

In the end, I'm a TiVo girl.


In other news, I just watched Silence of the Lambs and I think I need a hug. Eeeeep.

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