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I said "Hey Carmen, come on...let's go downtown..."

I think I'm getting sick.

All day I have had a headache. First I thought it was dehydration, so I drank some water. Then I thought it was caffeine withdrawal, so I drank some Diet Coke. Then I thought it was the television, so I stopped watching it. Then I thought it was because I hadn't eaten much all day, so I had dinner. And now I'm thinking that it's just a headache and I should sleep it off.

So if I go to bed now...I get 11 hours of sleep. Score? But I miss Boston Legal and Daily Show. Last night, Daily Show was a re-run, so I'm hoping it's all this week? And if this is anything like last week, baseball will interrupt my Boston Legal viewing (though now that I'm thinking about it...I may have had the wrong channel last week. Bugger).

So. Yes. Brushing teeth, and getting sleep. My right eye is going to explode if I don't. Followed shortly by a dart protruding from my forehead and my left eye burrowing out the left side of my skull. Impossible, you say? I me!

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