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Perhaps it's a jumble of emotions and hormones and estrogen gone wild...but I cried no less than three times during "Grey's Anatomy" and it wasn't was the shaky, upset, overwhelmed crying. Needless to say it was a good episode. And in a side note, Alex is just the kind of jackass that I would fall for. I need better taste in men.

I have a test tomorrow morning at 9:30am, and then I'll either be going to Disney World or meeting my mom and aunt for shopping and lunch. A Monday ritual...and you all wish your "Monday rituals" would include Disney World. I should study, but after watching an emotionally-packed Grey's Anatomy...but feeling jilted due to commercials and a 42-minute time restraint, I feel the need to watch some 2:30+ hour-long epic tear-jerker. I'd say "like Titanic or Pearl Harbor" but that's cliche. So instead, I'll probably go to bed without the sweet release of bawling to a chick-flick.


I want to be back home already.

But my sisters Cici and Emily will be down here for my 21st Birthday in just 26 days. Then Cici and her kids will be back down for Thanksgiving in 43 days. And then! Winter Break...I'll be back in Illinois for 3 full and glorious weeks in about 65 days.

It's going to be a long 3 years until I graduate. Why can't I be happy with my life?

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