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Mini update

I'm showered. Yay.

As it turns out, I'm stupid and can't add. If Dave and Katie were in Georgia at 9, they wouldn't get to Orlando until 2 or 3am. Silly gail cannot add today. Anyway, they were also planning on spending the night at the hotel with Em and Tom, and then leaving at checkout today. That's probably around noon, so they won't be back until late tomorrow morning. Zut. (side note: For those that don't know, "Zut" means darn or damn in French)

Well, I really have to run to Jewel, so the pop has a while to chill in my fridge before 2. OkayIloveyoubyebye. (hee hee, reliving childhood days of watching Animaniacs. Molly (the little girl with the dog Buttons) would say that. She also called her mom "Lady". "Okay Lady". *shrugs* sorry 'bout the tangent.

I'm really gonna go now. Ta!

Current Music: Fortress - Sister Hazel
*Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters
*This is Not a Love Song - Tabitha's Secret

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