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He must've been a looker, a sweet-talking son-of-a-gun, for such a grounded girl to just up and run

Random Thoughts:

- Football commentators have very bland, soothing voices. It's one of the only background noises that I can completely ignore. Then there's my mother who can ignore absolutely anything.

- Howie Long is adorable.

- If RadioShack were to introduce a DVD collection of the Howie Long/Teri Hatcher commercials, would people buy it? And further, how odd to think about purchasing a commercial. I think I would buy it...I thought those commercials were funny, and they had really good chemistry.

- What other commercial series could be assembled on a DVD? Possibly the Jerry Seinfeld/Superman American Express commercials. As it was, they had those posted on their website, where people would actually seek out a COMMERCIAL. It's only one step away from paying for an advertisement...commercials on DVD might not be a half-bad idea.

- I had to get out of bed a few times last night as I was trying to go to sleep, because I kept thinking of interesting arguments for the comparison of British and American Imperialism. Uber geek, party of one.

- Mama has convinced me to ditch class tomorrow (yes, you heard right) so I'm staying in Spring Hill for another night. Tomorrow is Disney day...we'll be hitting a park, then mini-golf at Fantasia Gardens ('cause it's so much better than Winter Summerland).

- Target is hella amazing. Gilmore Girls seasons one and two retail for about $45 each, but can be found for $39 online. Target is currently selling them for $18.88 each. Both seasons, combined, are cheaper than one could be purchased online. HELL YEAH! I now have these two seasons. I do not deserve them, but the parents were feeling generous. [Also on sale for $18.88: Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, season one. I loved that show. Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher were awesome.]

- Grey's Anatomy is on tonight!!!!!

- For those interested, there's a good Snape/Hermione at erotic_elves called "Burnt Chrysanthemum"

- Time to go let my aunt's dogs out before meeting her for an early dinner. A very early dinner...but we haven't had lunch, just a mid morning breakfast.

- Also, I highly recommend the new Sara Evans album, entitled "Restless" for those into modern country. I must make an icon of her. She rocks my socks.

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