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Sunshine came softly though my window today...

A girl from my high school (two years younger...she graduated in May) was killed by a bus at University of Illinois. I didn't know her...but I have a lot of friends her age. Tragic.

I mention this because a lot of my "journal friends" are actual people that I know and who attended the same high school. There's a certain amount of solidarity there. Also, a bunch of people on my AIM buddy list had depressing, but cryptic messages and I started to worry. So in case anyone else had noticed you know.


In a major shift that will probably seem uber insensitive...I went to the beach this morning with my Mom and Aunt Judy. It was good. I got more of a tan, so I'm looking less pasty and more healthy.

Later, shopping will be done. My mom wants to buy my nephew a Border's gift card...but the nearest Border's is in Tampa...about an hour away. Oh well, she wanted to shop for books anyhow.

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