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What is this feeling, so sudden and new? I felt the moment I laid eyes on you...

Today is my comfy day. I have had it planned since sad as that is. It has been the highlight of my week.

So I am currently decked out in the absolute best black comfy pants from Old Navy (drawstring, of course), my John-Deere-green camp staff shirt (a surprisingly positive fashion statement...who knew?), my hair in a messy, but cutely wild low bun, and black Reef sandals.

And because I am just that classy, I decided that along with my comfy day clothing, I would carry around my Burberry bag as a tote. It allowed for a harmonious balance.

Oddly enough, I have never felt more like a sorority girl than I did walking around campus. I even got a couple nods from sorority girls who pegged me as one of their own. Hot shit.


I'm super hungry...but I have very little food. I need to go grocery shopping, but I've been putting it off all week, and tomorrow I go to my mom's for the what's another day? But I'm officially out of breakfast foods. Lunch is looking a little sketchy. I don't even have bread to make a PB&J. For dinner tonight, I will have Chipotle, because it's my Wednesday night ritual. Every Wednesday after my 6-9pm flim class, I go to Chipotle for a Chicken burrito, rice, no beans, corn salsa, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce. The Chipotle here is definitely sub-par, but it's a ritual...and slightly cheaper than Panera. Also, it is on the way home.

Today may possibly turn out to be a movie day. I'm intending to see Tim Burton's Corpse Bride at either 1:10 or depends on how lunch goes, and a possible nap.

I called Allie at midnight last night (it's her birthday) and talked with her until 1:30am. I passed out quickly afterward, but one of my roommates decided that 7:30am was a great time to do laundry...and my room is right next to the laundry alcove. Needless to was fucking loud. And 6 hours of sleep makes Gail a tired girl.

Tired and hungry. What's a girl to do?

I went into a general advisor today and she was little to no help. I have been redirected, yet again, this time to the admissions office, but I figured I'll go there when I'm not so hungry. I want my credits. Boo-hoo.

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