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My mood has not increased much since yesterday. Still feeling a little lousy overall.

However, tomorrow is my good day. Because I have my film class. And just think! Next semester I'll have 3 good days because I'll have 3 film classes (each on a separate day). I don't know what it is with this fucked up school, but they like having classes that meet only once a week. WTF? Honestly, I prefer classes that meet three days a week...good for reinforcement, and less time to sit in one place (yay acute ADD)...but my aversion to Friday classes makes this a near impossibility (though I have had a few MWTh classes). Usually I have a two-day/week MW or TuTh, which aren't unbearable, but are pretty damn horrible. One day a week is just cruel and unusual.

I decided against going to the general advisor today, because frankly I don't feel in the mood to whine and force someone to acknowledge the fact that I have indeed taken Art History II (Renaissance to Present), Finite Mathematics, English Composition I, and at least one year of foreign language. In fact, I have taken 7 and a half years of a foreign language over the course of 9 years, but god forbid they actually LOOK AT MY TRANSCRIPTS!!!

On the itinerary for the remainder of the day: finish that damn American History article (which is actually really interesting and we ALMOST had a good conversation in class today, except that no one is smart enough to formulate opinions on the spot), possibly watch Little Man Tate, and of course...a nap. My therapist would be highly disappointed in my napping...but she's in Illinois. :-p


WHY IS THERE NO JAMBA JUICE WITHIN 20 MILES OF ORLANDO????? If it would let me search a radius of greater than 20 miles, I would...because I want a fucking Jamba Juice!!! The closest one might be 2 hours away in Tampa. Asses.

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