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I have been entirely too productive today. And it's ironic that days like these tend to be my most productive.

I slept poorly last night. And those who read my post from early this morning know that I was not quite in a right or coherent mindset.

I was feeling crumby. I was cold during class, which is not entirely unusual, but it made me cross. I was just generally feeling down and out, and really...I still am. A bit of a down-swing on the wellness cycle.

And yet, after class, I motivated myself to make a run to the post office, where I mailed off a couple Netflix, along with birthday cards for Allie (she turns 21 on September 28) and my nephew Michael (he turns 12 on October 1). While Allie will probably get her's late, and Michael will get his early...they are both in the mail. Then I called one of my doctors to have her call in a refill on a prescription. I emailed my Film advisor to set up an appointment for today. I showered and went to said appointment where I got my Film classes for the spring organized and scheduled. As for my gen-ed classes...she's utterly useless and I will need to go to a general Arts and Sciences advisor...which I will do tomorrow. I could do it today, but I've already been too productive.

I have more planned for later, including typing up a quick 1-page summary on a PBS show "Fatal Flood" and starting to read a 30 page essay/article from the Journal of American History. That's not due until November, when I have a paper on said article due...but I'm getting a bit of a start on it.

So now, I'm going to nap. Because I'm uber tired, and I deserve it.

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