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Okay, so I hate to talk about money, but it's on my mind, and often I need to work thinking out on "paper" (or webpage). My Excel spreadsheets and Stickies are testimonials to that.

First, I was thinking about getting a TiVo, though I'm not sure it will solve my problem. Alias and Survivor are now in the same time slot, and I honestly can't decide which one to watch. My sister can TiVo one while watching one live, then go back to watch the TiVo'ed show...but that works because she has a cable box. I don't know if I can rig something up like that on my tv. (I thought the issue of not having a phone line would also be a snag, but I could set it up at my mom's house, then bring it back here.)
Cost: $199 Tivo Box (minus $150 mail-in rebate), $156 activation for a year (or $299 for lifetime of TiVo box).

Then there has been a little pipe dream swimming around my head that it would be nice to have a new computer. I love Jack, and I would never get rid of him...but I could use something with a bit more "oomph." Jack is over 3 years old (earlier I said he was 2, but I was mistaken). He has a 40GB hard drive (the same as my iPod) and he's feeling a bit swamped. He's tiny...meant for ease of transport, not constant work. It would be nice to get a desktop with more space to store a ton of music and pictures. Something with a bigger screen so I could do some serious film work/editing. I'm leaning toward an iMac, because Power Mac is just not reasonable for me. The screen is almost double the size, and the hard drive over 6x the size. Jack is just simple outdated.
Cost: $2,628 (super tricked out), $2,133 (more realistic)

Finally...there's the it-makes-my-toes-curl-with-anticipation-I-want-so-much...a trip to Europe. This time for two weeks, at the end of December. I would be tooling around with Zoe (who is currently in Luxembourg) and most likely hitting up places in Great Britain. Problem one, I'd be out of the country for Christmas. Problem two...Britain is expensive.
Cost: $566 flight, $$$$ food, lodging, souvenirs.

I mean, I can do cheap. My entire trip to Europe, one month, including an apartment cost me around $4000. I could probably do two weeks for $2000. But then again, Spain and Italy were both cheaper than London.

I would love to go to Europe again. I've wanted to since I got back. I talk about it incessantly, or at least I would if I talked to anyone. My big "plans" are to at some point in the near future travel to one or more of the following: Morocco, Thailand, New Zealand/Australia. So maybe I shouldn't go back to Europe?

I know money is an issue, but it would be worth it. I've just finished paying off my credit cards (with help of student loan money) and after tuition next semester, I'll be left with about $1700. Not enough for a computer. Not quite enough for Europe. The only think I could swing would be the TiVo. Maybe if I had a job...

The biggest thing holding me back right now? I'd be gone for Christmas.

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