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WARNING: Spoilers for the Emmy's

Running Emmy's commentary:

E! Preshow:
- Patricia Heaton and her horribly conservitive views bother me. Also, I'm not sad that "Everybody Loves Raymond" is off the air
- Jennifer Garner is a blimp! But she still looks beautiful and I love her
- Lauren Graham looks hot
- Kathy Griffin makes me laugh
- Star Jones makes me wretch
- Carson needs to be doing more interviews
- It always makes me sad that Eric McCormick isn't actually gay
- Mariska Hargitay is wearing an awesome color that only SHE can pull off
- Paula Abdul makes me happy! And she looks hot!
- I love that William Shatner loves his wife so-damn much
- Sarah Chalke looks awesome and she came with the ponytail before
- Heidi Klum rocks my socks and I loved "Project Runway"
- JON STEWART!!!! That is all.
- ZACH BRAFF!!! Okay, now that is all. (Notice: Zach got one less ! than Jon, because come's Jon fucking Stewart)
- I lied, Portia di Rossi can pull of the color Mariska is wearing
- Gary Dordan is beautiful. I'm anxious to see him sing!
- Sandra Oh looks beautiful. I'm still super sad that she and Alexander Payne broke up, but good for her for being on one of the best shows currently on American TV ("Grey's Anatomy")

Emmy Awards:
- Cute start with the "My Emmy" feature, especially Candice Bergin's "I won and Dan Quale didn't"
- Not digging the R&B start...not funny, and montage is better set to broadway-musical (Though props have to be given to Ellen's "Earth, Wind, and Fiber" comment)
- Who doesn't love Ellen? :-)
- Bradley Whitford! If I didn't love his wife (Jane Kaczmarek) so much, I'd hate her!!
- Marg Helgenberger looks super hot
- Sean Hayes is always super cute
- Brad Garrett rocks. He's the only reason I would watch "Everybody Loves Raymond" (Winner: Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series)
- I love Alan Alda. I love Naaven Anderws, I love Terry O'Quinn. I love William Shatner. This is the best category ever. (Winner: William Shatner, Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series)
- I love the idea of Emmy Idol
- Who the hell got Donald Trump to sing??? That was quite amusing.
- Jon Stewart totally deserved that Emmy. Bastards. (Winner: Hugh Jackman, Best Individual Performance in a Musical or Comedy Program)
[- I am interested to see the new TV Show "How I Met Your Mother"...what can I say? I am a child of the 80's and therefore I love Neil Patrick Harris]
- Survivor, American Idol, or Project Runway???? What a HARD choice! I watched all of them religiously. (Winner: The Amazing Race, Best Reality-Competition Program) WHAT?????
- Blythe Danner is such an airhead, but the kind that you love (Winner: Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series)
- Jason Lee rocks (Winner: Paul Newman, Empire Falls, Best Actor in a Miniseries or Movie)
- I still have to see "Life and Death of Peter Sellers" (Winner: Jane Alexander, Empire Falls, Best Actress in a Miniseries or Movie)
- Veronica Mars girl (Kristen Bell) is actually pretty good. (Emmy Idol #2)
- Will & Grace has the best guest stars
- I guess when it comes to Directing, the Olympics is slightly harder than the Daily Show or David Letterman
[- CSI IS the best show on television...I don't care if they get awards or not. It just is]
- Doris Roberts is not looking a little rough. Her skirt is shiney and her top is not. BAD Doris, bad!
- I miss Johnny Carson. He was a genius. Letterman did him excellent justice
- Commmmmmmeeeee ooooooonnnnnnn Daily Show! YAYAYAYAYAY!!! (Winner, Best Variety, Musical or Comedy Series)
- By the way...Where is Ellen? She's been on like...twice. And not for about an hour!
- Gary Dordan is soooooo hot. Not a bad singer, but my vote is still going to Kristen Bell (Emmy Idol #3)
- Whoa, Patricia Arquette...AWFUL hair!
- Quentin Tarantino's CSI Episode rocks...but I guess JJ Abrams can take it home (Winner: Best Director of a Drama Series)
- I'm getting bored...
- Yay Geoffrey Rush! I mentioned it already, but I need to see "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers" (Winner, Best Actor in a Miniseries or Movie)
- YAY Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey!!! (Have I mentioned my love for "Grey's Anatomy" lately? Not since I mentioned Sandra Oh in the preshow commentary? Well, that's a shame.)
[- I can't WAIT for Elizabethtown to be released!!! October 14th is too far away]
- I don't think it needs to be said...but...uh...I LOVE JON STEWART!!!!
- I love Quentin, he's an uber geek!
- Jeff Probst and his dimples are so cute!
- I don't know if William Shatner's bit can be considered "singing" (I voted for Kristen Bell)
- Go Felicity Huffman! She's my favorite of the Housewives, but I didn't think she'd win!!!! I don't think she did either (Winner: Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series)
- Medium was not a good show. I tried to watch sucked. I found something better to do with my nights (Winner: Patricia Arquette, Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series)
- I still can't believe Anne Bancroft died. Barbara Bel Geddies rocked in Alfred Hitchcock Presents. I love Gilligan (Bob Denver). Jerry Orbach took a piece of my heart with him. (In Memorium segment)
- Sela Ward looks really good
- James Spader is geeky, and weird, and I fucking love him!!! (Winner: Best Actor in a Drama Series) "for portraying the epically challenged attorney, Alan Shore"
- I still haven't watched season one of "Lost," so I'm not sure if it deserved the award, and I've already made my feelings clear about "Everybody Love Raymond" so, meh.

And that was the Emmy's. *breathe* Bed!

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