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Is 2:25am on a Friday night too early to go to sleep?

Apparently, because my roommate and what sounds like no fewer than 4 friends are loudly invading the living room to watch TV/a movie.

Yet another example of me being too old for my own good. I like to go to bed by 10:30pm on weeknights. I can't even watch The Daily Show because it's on at 11pm EST. I hate Eastern time. And on weekend? 1:30am is about as late as it gets for me.

Staying up late? Been there, done that, moving on. There are special occasions in which I will stay up until 4am, maybe even 6am...but really? I did that in junior high at sleepover, and in high school when I'd stay out past curfew. I'm done.

I would look up "mid-life crisis" on WebMD, just to see what it says on the subject, but I was recently mocked mercilessly by a certain few family members for replacing real doctors with the internet. Not like any of them would visit a doctor. Even with a serious ailment, our default action is to wait a week, maybe two...or a month...see if it will "go away." Though really, it's more like, "if it doesn't get worse, I'm fine."

I think I need a change. Which is actually rather humorous considering the amount of change I've been through in the past 12 months. My childhood house was sold (and subsequently torn down). I left school. I slept on my sister's couch for 8 months. I lived in Europe for a month, and visited 6 countries. I transfered to a new school. I decided on a major (and minor). Maybe I'm like Truman when he ties himself to the boat and Christoff starts the horrible storm and he screams, "Is that all you've got?" I was hit and hit hard...but I'm still standing. Maybe I need something to knock me straight on my ass, preferably for the better (I don't like when things get "worse").

Friday night or not, I want some sleep. My body needs it. If only I had some Tylenol PM or a sedative or something to help me drift off without noticing the noise.

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