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Take a good look at me now

The next installment in "Gail has to lay off the crack before bed because it messes with her dreams!"

First, I was in a house that belonged to the Fencl's, but it wasn't really their house. And Caitlin was helping me dye my hair, but the slacker kept missing spots and when I pointed it out, she'd get all huffy. Also, I was scrubbing the Fencl's floor because it was fithy. You know...the norm.

Next, I was walking with Eric(?) [it was an older friend-type person] in a city that seemed like New York, but we were going to a Metro stop (a la Paris). Though I had passes a couple stops on my line, I kept walking to keep him company. We split off, and I ended up inside an apartment on Madison Avenue in Chicago (aka...$$$$$$). I had to take an elevator in the building down to the Metro tracks. But I took a little detour first. There was a group of ritzy folks going on a tour of the super nice apartments (all of which had a theme...Toy Story was one. Gail needs to stop watching Disney movies, eh?) .

Anyway, in one of the apartments, they had developed this system to pressurize a room (so to your ears, it was like you were underwater) and it took away any external noises. It was almost too quiet and creepy, but I the point was that you wouldn't have to listen to music or TV so loud anymore. You wouldn't need to drown out all the white noise, and thus saves your ears the trauma of overly loud entertainment. (By the way...if any of you invent something like this, I demand royalties because I dreamt it first!)

I got bored with the tour, and realized I was going to be "late"/I should get home, so I hopped in an elevator, which would only go "left" not up or down. There was another woman in the elevator with me, who was on the tour. She and I have been in the same elevator before, in a previous dream. It ended up being more of a roller coaster ride than an elevator ride and there were dips and inclines, twists and turns. It was a fun ride, and I talked to the woman in the elevator with me (we hadn't spoken last time).

And it ended. Mid-ride. And now, I have to dash or I'll be late for class. Boo.

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