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So, call me a big dumbass (no really...do it) because I'm an uber loser.

My mother and aunt Judy have gotten me into collecting those stupid little Disney pins. I have 10 of them now. That's not necessarily a horrible thing, I mean some of them are really quite cute. The horrible thing is how I feel the impulse to browse every single kiosk in the stores we pass, despite the fact that they are essentially all the same (in the bigger stores at least).

Worse, I have been scanning eBay. What? Why?


That, and I'm sitting alone in my apartment, in pajamas, doing laundry, after having watched Lilo and Stitch, on a Friday night...at 8:15pm.

But then again, I don't want to be out. I don't want to party with strangers. Hell, I wouldn't want to "party" with most of my friends (all of whom are either out of the country, or may as well be because they are so far away). I like staying in. I like being by myself. I love watching movies and surfing the internet and doing things solo (like shopping). I don't want to grocery shop with a buddy. I'd prefer to take my time at Best Buy or get what I need and get out of Super Target. I like the pass at which I take things, and I don't need any pseudo friends to come along because I'm no longer co-dependent. I can even shop at Downtown Disney by myself. I have yet to take in an entire park on my own, but I'll work my way up to that point.

On the upside, I'm collecting pins, which average $6.95-$8.95. I could be collecting things with actual value.

Oh, but the other reason I'm a dumbass. I signed up for one of those video club programs. However...it's through Disney. And if anyone has ever gone out and purchased a Disney DVD, they know that the average price is $22.99 (Best Buy, at least), and though I have an obligation to purchase "5 regularly priced DVDs" within 2 years...they price all of their DVDs at $19.99. So it's cheaper. Plus, I just ordered 5 for $30. (The first 3 were $2 each, then one for $15 and one for $10.)

After this, I can order 5 DVDs at $20 each, and then cancel quickly before I get sucked in to a scheme. The point is, I want to build my animated Disney DVD collection. Granted, it's pretty damn good right now. (And we know how much Gail loves lists and bragging about her DVD collection, sooooo....)
- Aladdin
- Alice in Wonderland
- Beauty and the Beast
- Bug's Life, A
- Emperor's New Groove
- Fantasia 2000
- Finding Nemo
- Lady and the Tramp
- Lilo and Stitch
- Lion King, The
- Little Mermaid, The
- Mary Poppins
- Monsters, Inc.
- Mulan
- Oliver and Company
- Sleeping Beauty
- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
- Toy Story
- Toy Story 2
- Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Now, you may argue a bit about Mary Poppins and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? not belonging in this list of animated Disney features. Both, however, feature cartoons, and I would put things like Pete's Dragon and Bedknobs and Broomsticks in this category as well. I left out, however, things like The Parent Trap and Pirates of the Caribbean because despite their Disney loyalties, these fall into the "live-action Disney" category. I'm sure my sister, Cici, understands completely.

Anyway, the ones I'm ordered and not necessarily the highest quality animated feature (I preface this because there are some that are even low on my list) but I feel they need to be in my collection...mostly because they were there when I was growing up. I guess a party of me is saying that my kids need to be able to experience these films the same as I did. I blame my biological clock.

So! Two more lists...

On Order:
- Bambi
- Pocahontas
- Robin Hood
- The Great Mouse Detective
- Hercules (a bastardization of the myth, but with fun songs, James Woods as Hades, and Meg...the best damn female character EVER)

Upcoming Purchases:
- The Aristocats
- A Goofy Movie
- Brave Little Toaster
- Dumbo
- Fox and the Hound
- Hunchback of Notre Dame (this one might actually be too awful to buy. I haven't decided yet)
- The Rescuers
- The Rescuers Down Under
- Sword in the Stone
- Cinderella (Comes out October 4th, I'll be purchasing it at Best Buy on that day)
- Peter Pan *(No longer on sale)
- Tarzan*
- 101 Dalmatians*
- Pinocchio*
- Fantasia*
- The Jungle Book*

I'm kinda disappointed that I let Peter Pan and Tarzan slip away without buying them, but I'm sure they'll be back. Just maybe not for a decade or so. Oh well. Maybe at that point I'll actually have kids. *shudder*



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Sep. 12th, 2005 08:30 am (UTC)
I refuse to call you a dumbass. Why? Because guess what I did yesterday? I woke up around 10 and then I read an entire book. Yes, that's right, an entire book. About 200 pages, paperback. Which put me in around 12:00 or so... So lame. Then I watched The West Wing until 6:45, at which point got dressed and went to dinner, returning at 10:30. But here's the thing: Saturday night, when I got home around 9:30, I watched like 5 hours of The West Wing then. So I am just as lame as you.

However, for this pin thing: You're a dumbass.

As for Disney. I can't believe you didn't put an equal they-fucked-it-up disclaimed for: Pocahontas, The Hunchback, Sword in the Stone and The Jungle Book. Just pointing out how they fucked it up. But Meg still is the coolest female Disney woman ever. Sassy.
Sep. 12th, 2005 12:36 pm (UTC)
Hey, I had a disclaimer for Hunchback...because it kinda just sucked. Plain and simple sucked. And the evil villian guy is scary. Eeep!

The Jungle Book isn't bad. It's not like it's based on fact and Baloo is just cool. So there. :-p

As for Sword in the Stone, it's not historically accurate, but then again, we don't really know what happened to King Arthur, so he might have been a gangly little kid they call Wart and Merlin is an early snapshot of Albus Dumbledore. It's at least entertaining.

Pocahontas is a bastardization of history and makes the "white man" out to be a saint while the Native Americans are savages. They tried...and failed. Perhaps they should have picked a character who wasn't a whore, or someone who isn't a tool of the white man to show how the "savages" can be tamed. Better yet...stay away from the subject of Native Americans, because it doesn't have a happy ending!! Time to remake Repunzel or something.

That said. I'm getting all of these movies (even Pocahontas) because it was part of my childhood, and they each have some sort of redeeming quality (usually linked to catchy songs). Plus! We can examine how in the 1990s, Disney tried to be so politically correct with Pocahontas, while back in the days of the Peter Pan ("what makes the red man red?") they just called it like they saw it. Rock.
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