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Things that make me super happy:
- Being addressed by name at places like Panera, or anywhere I use a credit card ("Thank you, Gail. Have a nice day!")
- I'm spending the night at a Disney resort tomorrow
- I have my film/film class tonight!!!
- My ever-increasing DVD collection
- Doing good deeds (a couple girls were trying to use the vending machine and it wasn't accepting change, so I gave them dollar bills)

Things that make me super irritated:
- Judgmental people ("I don't see why someone has to buy an iPod. They are crap, there are SUCH better mp3 players out there" or "Kids don't need cell phones, it's not like the time school ends is a big secret."

It's not that I necessarily disagreed with her, but she was so elitist that I wanted to whip out my iPod and shove it in my ears. I am elitist to a certain extent, but not like that. I tend to think of myself as being pretty grounded.


It finally happened. My DVDs can no longer all fit in one binder. Well, I had already separated my TV shows, just because of sheer volume. 3 seasons of 6 discs of Alias, 4 seasons of CSI, 4 season of West adds up. Then there's Family Guy, Coupling, Nip/Tuck, Lost...just too much.

But yesterday, I had to divide my movies in half. A through K, then L through Z. I did some careful calculations and that was as close to the halfway point. It will make it harder to browse, but it was inevitable.

Number of discs: 393
Number of movies/shows: 243
TV show discs: 130
A-K discs: 128
L-Z discs: 136
Oldest film: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
Newest film: A Lot Like Love (2005)
Most films by a director: Stephen Spielberg (7)
Runners up: Quentin Tarrantino (4)
Clyde Geronimi (3)
Peter Jackson (3)
Richard Linklater (3)
Mike Nichols (3)
Kevin Smith (3)
Steven Soderbergh (3)

And I'm spent.

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