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Today was exceptionally good compared to yesterday

Granted, last week it would have been just another boring day, but now, I recognize that the boring-est of days is still a happy thing. I was in a very good mood. I think I got most of my tension out last night.

Pop quiz in physics on the graphs of the lab that I didn't understand. Blah. I even told time that I was having trouble finding the relationship between the data, and he said we'd go over it. He didn't say we'd be having a quiz on the data that I didn't understand first. I may have been able to guess about 6 of the 12 questions right though. The entire class did pretty sucky anyway.

Had another fairly good day in English. Could have been better. US History was a lot of fun again. I'm really enjoying the class, which is surprising because I hate history. I'm learning a lot though.

Yay Chorus, Theatre and French. Fun classes. Easy classes. A welcome break in the middle of the day. Calculus sucked again. It's just so damn boring everyday, I find it hard to concentrate. Math does that to me. Last year, I almost proclaimed myself as having ADD because sitting though math felt like standing on hot coals for 3 days and not being able to move. It was almost torturous.

Outdoor adventure was great. In the pool without getting wet! We had to get the entire class across in a canoe and two kayaks in the least number of trips possible. We made it in 4, but could have done much better. Either way, I didn't end up with wet yucky hair and smelling like chlorine for the rest of the day.

Play practice was good. I don't really do much yet, but I enjoy watching everything that's going on. It's cool.

Short STUNTS info meeting afterward. It was short. It was informational to students. That was it.

Got a ride home from Allie. Yay Allie's Mom! Tentative lunch set up next Tuesday (we get off of school for Rosh Hashana), so we might go up to the Brat Stop and mini golfing with Ben and Mikey.

That's 'bout it for now. I'm really hungry, and I've only eaten M&Ms today, so I am going to go make dinner. Then start homework. I wonder what Ci is up to tonight...

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