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I don't know, don't know what he's after. But he's so beautiful

First, mint toothpaste + orange juice is never okay. NEVER.

Second, Advil Cold and Sinus should actually work. IT DOESN'T.

Third, I tried to go to sleep, but my nose keeps running, and my throat was sore and I thought: 'I should be drinking my orange juice," so I got up. I have my orange juice, I took the next installment of Advil C&S, and ironically, when I sit up, my nose stops running. When I lay down, however, it's like Niagara Falls of snot.

Florida sucks. I guess it's no different from the fall colds I used to get. When the weather drops to about 50 and people start using's the same thing, just reversed. It's 90 degrees outside, and inside it's 70 (aka...colder than a witch's tit).

Last year, I was on the verge of the fall cold during tech of Happy Birthday, Wanda June (the play I ASM'ed), and I drank an entire carton of orange juice in a day and a half. I was on a vitamin C high and I never actually did get sick. Sooo...

Operation orange juice is a go.

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