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They say that children, now they come in all ages. And sometimes old men die as little boys

Presents for bravebunny, if she wants them.


Let me know if you want them changed or anything. What can I say? I was on a roll.


And a mini update:

My sinuses are killing me. Living in Florida, it is hot outside, and unnecessarily freezing inside. And the drastic changes wreak havoc on my body, and are currently attacking my nose. Grrrr.

Also, I received my Voter Information Card in the mail today. Now I get to vote against TWO Bushes. (Silver lining.)

Finally, I'm having a hard time deciding whether I should spend the rest of my evening a) doing reading for my US History and Art History classes or b) watching one of my new DVDs (Strangers on a Train, Casablanca, or one of the three Indiana Jones movies). You see my predicament?

And despite the fact that I said "finally" up there, I really have one more thing to add. Normal Stouffer's taste so much better than the Lean Cuisine ones. Granted, they are both frozen "dinners" and so both suck...I'm trying to decide if the lack of taste is worth the lack of fat and calories. I suppose if one can cut back, one should. I'll just go eat some Godiva chocolate.

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